COMPETE v friends in our new fts:arena of events/activities.

Finishing Touch Sports Ltd. offer a range of events/activities to compete against and socialise with friends in our arena.


The fts:arena is the NEW active day out for your friends/family this summer holidays. You can book tailored event/activities to participate, compete and socialise in with your friends now!


Finishing Touch Sports Ltd. Coaches have an array of activities/events that you can choose from to take part in the fts:arena now.

The events list is available upon enquiry for you to choose your events for your active day out.


The fts:arena is tailored to your active interests! You can personalise your experience by choosing from our events list upon enquiry.


How many events?

6 Mini Events will take place in the fts:arena.

How many participants?

A minimum of 6 participants are needed to book the fts:arena.

bookings can now be taken for specific events for larger groups with current social distancing guidelines considered
(these will be specified with an asterisks on our events list).


Will we get to practice?

Coaches will provide a short coaching session of the specified event before you compete within the arena.

How long does the arena last?

The total session time is 1.5 hours.


Warm Up, Event Coaching, Event Competition, Event Scores
(Repeated for 6 Events)

How do we compete?

Each member of your party will compete against one another in the fts:arena, earning points for the following...

- Specific Game Points
- Values Points

(e.g. - Teamwork, Resilience)

Your full party will also total up their scores to compete against all other fts:arena groups to WIN our Overall Leaderboard Prize.

Bad Weather?

As with any sporting event, if adverse conditions occur, the event will be postponed for a later date.


You can add Trophies, Medals and Certificates to your session for each child to be awarded for their efforts.
Tick as necessary upon enquiry.

* Full Details available via email, just click the 'enquire now' button...

* Sessions follow government guidelines on social distancing measures within childcare/physical activity during COVID-19.